Miami Advertising Photographer Jorge Parra launches the NEW Synthetic Habitat Website: Architecture, Interior Design and Lighting Design Photography for the Leisure and Luxury Markets.

Advertising Photographer Jorge Parra  is well known as a People Photographer, shooting Advertising, Fashion, Beauty and Portrait Photography for over 2 decades.
However, a number of  Creative Directors as well as Architects and Designers who recognize and value Jorge’s vision, have been pushing him out of his comfort zone, by inviting him to shoot architectural and interior design projects. The logic behind these requests was the interest of these creatives in exploring different approaches to producing and photographing these projects from a fresh perspective.
For this reason, Jorge has been working on a series of photographic projects in Architecture and Interior Design, mostly focused on the Leisure and Luxury markets, shooting Hotels, Spas, Restaurants, as well as private residences and vacation villas.

In addition to these visual challenges, Jorge has been traveling around the world, shooting some large-scale fantastic Lighting Design Projects for public spaces in distant cities like Ankara in Turkey, Dublin in Ireland and Madrid, Spain, and the most recent project was shot in Washing DC, here in the USA. Lighting Design Photography is an area where only a few photographers have been successfully involved.

The resulting body of work includes visuals for Conde Nast Traveler, Luxe Magazine, Hilton Hotels, SLS Hotels, Mandarin Hotels, Ritz Carlton Hotels, plus several  travel and luxury commercial and private residential projects, plus the cool lighting design projects.

Please, visit Jorge’s  totally new website for  the Synthetic Habitat Project and feel free to make contact to discus you upcoming visual needs in these fields.

Jorge ‘s next and natural phase for The Synthetic Habitat Project involve a fine mixing and blend of his favorite visual themes:  Fashion and Architecture,  putting together all his skills, in an ongoing series of images to be published soon!

Photographer Jorge Parra participates in the Show: “Mutations of the Medium in Contemporary Photography”


Photographer Jorge Parra has been invited to participate in this interesting exhibition, “Mutations of the Medium in Contemporary Photography” at the Oscar Ascanio Gallery in the Winwood Art District of Miami .

The soft opening was on June 11th and the show is going public on Saturday the 13th, during the June Gallery Walk, from 6 pm to 11 pm.

 Everyone is cordially invited to explore the works on display of 4 interesting artists( Vieri Tomaselli, Anabella Borges and Lidia Teixeira, plus Hester,) and Jorge Parra is showcasing images from 2 of his series, the “Dressed in Green” Series and the “Body Alchemy” Series.


Partial view of the montage process of Jorge’s work at the Gallery.

The exhibition will run during June and July 2015.

More of Jorge’s personal work on the Fine Art Section of this website


Photographer / Director Jorge Parra Launches Spanking New Website

Photos ©JorgeParra

Photos ©JorgeParra



Miami, June  the 2nd, in Full Moon.

Miami-based Photographer and Director Jorge Parra has just announced the launch of a totally new website, using responsive design, for his extensive portfolio of images, right there, in his well known domain

In addition of the “classic” sections for still photography, like FashionBeautyPortraits, Leisure and Luxury plus  Fine Art Photography,  a new a cool section of Essays, the new site has the versatility Jorge’s work and personality demand, as visitors will keep finding new galleries and sections, works in progress,  popping out, as times passes by.

As indicated, the site has been launched with Still Photography at it’s core, but Jorge is already editing and refining  works for the upcoming Motion  section, to include BTS videos, Music clips, Testimonials, Time Lapse, Gif Animations  and other experiments with images in motion.

Also, a cool new section of Instant Art, an ongoing and ever-changing portfolio of Also Shot on iPhone 6 Photography, fully  shot and edited in Jorge’s cell phones, with the aid of different editing apps, will showcase Jorge’s curiosity for the abstract and the mundane, keeping his street photography portfolio alive, while transforming some of the images into instantaneous artwork,  in almost real time.

The Essays section, where you can read Jorge’s point of view on critical and contemporary issues related to the visual arts and the disruptive digital technologies, which are affecting everyone’s lives, tend to be long pieces of writing, true food for thought, while the upcoming PhotoBlog section will bring up tidbits of images and brief news and updates on several matters.

The “Capabilities”  section  showcase Jorge’s company,  Jorge Parra Photography and the Production Resources,  available to assist his clients with every aspect of Production that might be required for the efficient execution of any particular photo-shoot project, big or small.

Links to Contact Jorge either directly ( phone / email) or via his Social Media Channels are also available, so, if you don’t find Jorge, you are not looking for him!

This is an adaptive design website with responsive media, which works flawlessly in just every full screen size, from smart phones to tablets, to laptops, to Retina Displays, thus allowing about the best way to showcase Jorge’s visual art in the most effective and pleasing way.

Visit Jorge Parra’s website right now, and stay tuned for constant additions of content, both stills and motion plus essays, works in progress and unexpected content, just as Jorge’s  explorations in creativity flow around. Share with your friends and colleagues the images you enjoy the most in your own social media channels and come back soon for more!!


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Synthetic Habitat by Jorge Parra Featured in CodaWorx/UNESCO’s 2015 International Year of Light

Jorge Parra : CodaWorx


The online publication CodaWorx: Where Design meets Art, has published a group of the most interesting lighting design projects currently on display worldwide, in reference to the UNESCO proclamation of 2015 as “The International Year of Light”

The lighting design project by Lighting Designer and Artist Duilio Passariello, executed at Genglick Park in Ankara, Turkey, is a huge project I was happy to photograph back in 2012. Now, it is being recognized as one of most interesting Lighting Design projects in public spaces.

More details of the photographic documentation cane seen on the link:

And to see the whole Flipboard magazine, “Light as Art”, which includes several amazing lighting design  projects, check the link below.

For many more images of this cool project, as well as other Lighting Design Projects , PLUS Architecture and Interior Design Photography projects by Jorge Parra Photography, you can visit our site at

More info about Jorge Parra right here


Synthetic Habitat: Architecture, Interior Design and Lighting Design Photography by Miami Advertising photographer Jorge Parra, launches fully revamped website


Synthetic Habitat: Architecture, Interior Design and Lighting Design Photography by Miami Advertising photographer Jorge Parra, launches fully revamped  website

 ©2014 Jorge Parra
MIAMI March 25th, 2014–  Miami Advertising photographer, Jorge Parra  launches a fully revamped website for his Architectural  and Interior Design Photography Projects  Working in tandem with a creative consultant, photographer and director Jorge Parra,  edits and restructures the large amount of photos he has shot in these challenging and amazing fields, to produce a revamped website with a more conceptual approach, and much larger images, for a more pleasing experience.

Different sections of the portfolio online include, the “classical” sections of Architecture and Interior Design Photography, but Jorge’s involvement with the luxury market keeps growing,  so he decided to also include both personal work and lifestyle images,  (travel, club life, spa, yacht) , which would not usually be part of an architectural photographer’s portfolio, but reflects Jorge’s  cross-over vision and passion for working with people, spaces and  travel images.
Additionally, Jorge’s work in Lighting Design Photography, has proven to be one of the  most fascinating and challenging projects he has been involved in, where light is the actual subject matter, as seen through the designer’s eyes, as an added value for human comfort,  when rebuilding/refurbishing  public spaces with just light.Jorge Parra can be contacted directly via email (,  by phone at 1-786-222-9405, and through his agency, ArchNetStudio, in the West Coast